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¤¤ -Sometimes I Give Myself The Creeps- ¤¤

sometimes my mind plays tricks on me...

24 October


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|x| name: Stefanie aka. Steffö
|x| age: 18
|x| zodiac sign:Scorpio
|x| location:a small shithole near Frankfurt a.M., Germany
|x| eye/hair color:grey-green-ish with a touch of brown / dark blonde
|x| height:5'3'' (small-smaller-me!)
|x| smoke/drink?:no/yes
|x| fave bands:Green Day x The Network x Simple Plan x Rancid x Lostprophets x Sum 41 x Billy Talent x Fall Out Boy...
|x| random facts:

lazy x loves chinese food x hates little bush & his politics x impatient x loathes phonies, suck-ups, teenie-boppers .. you get the idea x loves travelling x pro gay-marriage x obsessive x loves slash x paranoid x always searching for mt dew in germany x weird x introvert x prefers not to dance in clubs x dispises stalkers but loves 'stalking' bands x shopaholic x reads mangas x can't stop swearing x usually sleeps the day away x crazy x can't stand eating noises x cares too much x refuses to label herself and prefers not to be labelled in general x sucks at maths & science x constantly dreams of living in the US (without the current government of course) x low self-esteem x affectionate but reserved x for free choice of abortion x against suicide x hates the feeling of flour on skin x loathes liars x anti-social x would die for friends x atheist x lack of concentration & short attention span x can't live without friends... and music x likes summer rain x hates winter x loyal amazon user x teeth-fetish x download/video-obsession
If you don't like one or more of the listed facts I'm willing to start an intelligent discussion with you, but if you start bashing me for whatever reason I'm gonna kick your fucking ass.
Besides.. I couldn't care less about prejudiced people so don't waste your time ;)

|x| AIM:x7nameless7x
|x| ICQ:156776161
|x| MSN:xoxnamelessxox@ hotmail.com

|x| page:my alter ego - Steffö's stuff
|x| myspace:xoxnamelessxox
|x| ezBoard:xoxNaMeLeSsxox


|x| layout: by x7nameless7x / me
|x| icons: #1-3 by x7nameless7x / me
|x| F/O-banner: by x7nameless7x / me


|x| Billie Joe Armstrong/Mike Dirnt/Tré Cool @_claim_a_3some_(pending)
|x| 'schranzen' and 'wuusa' @ _claim_a_word_




Billie/mike is More-Than-Friends Love
Billie/Mike is More-Than-Friends Love (by violetgrin)

Billie/mike is love in denial

Frank's faces are love

old Natural is love
old Natural is Love (by x7nameless7x/me)

made by ___boulevard @ LJ

old(by twin_loven)


david/pierre |x| _simpleplan_ |x|

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